Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jack is sleeping!

I talked to my friend Sandra today, and she confirmed what Steve has been telling me for the last week: I cannot expect Jack to be on a schedule yet. As hard as I try to get him on a 3 to 4 hour eating schedule, sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't. So I'm now trying to go with the flow more but keep myself on some sort of schedule.

After a long night last night (there was some crying, by me and Jack), we got up today around 10. I made it a point to shower right after Jack ate. I also made it a point to put on normal clothes. I think wearing sweats and pajamas all the time is taking a toll on my psyche. Anyway, that started a very productive day. I got the laundry done; I paid bills; and I got off the email to organize meals for Susie and Peter.

Time out! I need to give this the attention it deserves.

I am an aunt again! Susie gave birth to Nicholas Paul on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 3) at 1:47 p.m. I tried to go see him, but by the time I got to the hospital they had taken him to the nursery already. I couldn't stay long enough for him to get out. Tomorrow, Jack and I are going to try to go visit the new little guy. Hopefully, the weather and the roads will clear.

Okay, back to the Barrett family. So in my new found productiveness, I'm getting to update the blog. I think I'm going to do little posts so it's easier to figure out what's going on. Enjoy the photos!

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Tina said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I made it a daily mission to get dressed. I knew that if I stayed in sweats or jammies all day, I'd become one of "those" housewives you see in WalMart....wearing thin cotton tank tops with no bra looking like they haven't showered in weeks!! Yes, we've all seen them.

Schedule for a 3wk old? NOT!! He'll eat when he's hungry (generally every 2-3 hours) and sleep....well, hopfully sleep.