Sunday, February 18, 2007

What happened?

The last month has been a bit overwhelming. It started with the passing of my Memere. While that was somewhat expected since she had been sick for about 2 months, it still was not easy. The family went down to Texas to say our goodbyes, and it was overall a positive experience considering the circumstances. It is always nice to see my cousin and her boys. They are so much fun!

From there, I returned to chaos at work. And it hasn't really relented since. I have considered finding a new job. For now I am staying though. I like my students and my colleagues too much to let one little month of chaos ruin it all. I also started my new grad class, which just adds to the work load. Steve took his GMAT test, and in my opinion did very well. However, he wasn't completely pleased, so he has started a GMAT class in order to do better next time. To say we are busy is an understatement.

On a positive note, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday this weekend. It was a nice little party on Friday night. I think he had a pretty good time. I also went to dinner with my sisters this weekend. It's been a while since we've had a Watts girls night, and I REALLY enjoyed it. There's just something about hanging with my sisters that puts everything into perspective and makes the world right again.

I think the crowning glory of the last month has been the garage door. Steve installed a keypad garage door opener this weekend. It is really pretty cool. I no longer worry about forgetting my keys. And in a strange way, it makes me feel like an upper class home owner. I think Steve is pretty proud too.

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